Provider Protocol Authentication Sub-folders1
G Suite for Business IMAP OAuth
Gmail IMAP OAuth
Office 365 IMAP OAuth IMAP OAuth
Other IMAP Username / Password2
Other (Legacy) POP3 Username / Password2  

1 - MailJive can retrieve email from a folder other than the Inbox, and optionally includes content from sub-folders

2 - User credentials are encrypted with a secure AES / Rijndael algorithm, using Azure Key Vault

 Messaging platforms

Provider Authentication Team channels Private chats
Slack OAuth
Microsoft Teams OAuth

 News feeds

Protocol Available
RSS 0.91
RSS 0.92
RSS 2.0

 Team Pages1

Feature Available
Per team 1
Hierarchical categories
Unlimited pages
Included in search

1 - Team Pages are wiki instances that can be created per team, and are fully searchable

 Features & limitations

Feature Limit
per instance
no limit
per organization
no limit
per organization
no limit
Data Feeds
per organization
no limit
per organization
no limit


Integration Available
Search from Slack1
User data feeds2

1 - Search MailJive from Slack using slash commands

2 - Users can manage their own email accounts that are searchable within MailJive


Feature Available
Scalable website1
Custom domain2
Scalable API1
Scalable job processing1
Scalable database1
Custom OAuth applications3

1 - Scaling based on client utilization & forecast

2 - Custom client or MailJive subdomain & branded login page

3 - Custom client OAuth applications created for Google Login, Gmail & G Suite email retrieval, Microsoft Login, Office 365 & email retrieval, Microsoft Teams conversation retrieval, and Slack conversation retrieval

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