It starts with tribal knowledge

As a company, this drives who you are. It's the sum of what you know


Systems &


Tribal knowledge is shared between employees

Knowledge is shared with email, Slack, blogs, wikis, and more.

Current Employees:

For Information

Employees spend over 50% of their time searching for information.

New Hires:

Ramp-Up Time

New hires need to see and hear conversations with your current employees.

Decision Makers:


Responsible decision makers require accurate information

Is your company at risk?

You might be surprised


About 10,000 people reach retirement age every day, many having decades of experience

Businesses Try To Stave Off Brain Drain As Boomers Retire


More than 25% of employees are in a high-retention-risk category.

20 Surprising Employee Retention Statistics You Need to Know


Almost 25% of working Americans will be faced with a disability before they retire.

The Protection 1 in 4 of Us Will Need — but Don’t Have

It should be easier to preserve and find what your employees know

For business leaders who need to preserve what their employees know before they leave, MailJive is a team-based knowledge search service.

It preserves email and other information for employees to search, and is unlike traditional email archive, which is overwhelming to find the information you need, or Slack, which doesn't encompass all of the information that is shared within the organization.


MailJive captures information when and how it shared between employees


Information in MailJive is immediately and perpetually available for search.


Search results in MailJive also account for comments and tags your employees provide

So how do you start?

Let us help you build that culture of sharing.

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Create a Culture

With the right tools, you can create the right culture.

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More Accurate

Employees have immediate, secure access to a treasure trove of historical knowledge, that grows and adapts with your business.

Ramp-Up Time

New hires can see thoughts and decisions over time, and learn about the business in ways that weren't really possible before.


Better, reliable, and accurate information turns into better, more informed decisions - and access to the knowledge behind the decisions.

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